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Self-Test on the Elements of Design

Assignment - Analyze lines, shapes, mass, texture, and color


line shape mass texture color

Elements of Design: line, shape, mass, texture, color

instructional brochure for a camera

This booklet style instructional brochure uses lots of B&W photos, spot color for emphasis, and a little bit of text to describe how to use the Olympus OM-2 camera.

miemo via Flickr; CC BY-2.0 license Create a Blueprint Style Business Card Background in Microsoft Publisher

Limited color and lines are the two most obvious elements of design in this business card.

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Elements of Design Classes > Introduction to the Elements of Design > Lines > Shapes > Mass > Texture > Color > Elements of Design Self-Test

Your first assignment is fairly simple. It has two parts. While no one but you may see these assignments, take the time to do them just as if you were turning them in for a grade. It will help reinforce what you have learned.

Choose one sample piece that you set aside from any of the previous lessons (lines, shapes, mass, texture, color).

Part 1: Completely describe the sample piece (tri-fold brochure, standard business card, etc.). Then, write a detailed description of one element of design you identified that piece as having. Be specific (thin horizontal line dividing columns in a newsletter or example of actual/visual texture through the use of thermography or raised printing). This part is subjective, but based on your own perceptions and feelings about the piece, tell why you believe the designer used that element in that specific way and tell whether you think it is a good or bad use of that element. No, no one is looking, but if you're serious about learning then write it down.

Part 2: Additionally, briefly describe how each of the other elements of design are used in that piece. That's it. Simple enough?

If you find yourself having trouble identifying or describing any of the elements within the piece, go back to that introductory lesson and re-read the class material. If it's still unclear, go ahead and move on to the in-depth lessons on each element of design that follow this assignment.

Congratulations. You have completed Class 1, an Introduction to the Elements of Design. This first set of lessons provides an overview of the five elements of design. You'll be taking an in-depth look at each of the elements of graphic design in subsequent classes in this course beginning with the next page.

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Elements of Design Classes > Introduction to the Elements of Design > Lines > Shapes > Mass > Texture > Color > Elements of Design Self-Test

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