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Lesson 9: Create a Greeting Card Class



credit your design work

Credit your design work.


    Typically used to identify the author of an article, greeting cards, newsletters, and other types of documents may also include something similiar to a byline such as an identifying mark, logo, or copyright notice.


    Proofreading and proofing is the process of checking the text, images, and overall layout for errors. Proofs are usually hard copy print outs of a document used for proofing done both during the layout and before the final printing.


    Putting ink on paper or other materials using a printing press or similar device is a basic definition of printing. In terms of desktop publishing, printing takes two primary forms: desktop printing and commercial printing.

In commercial printing, a printing company prints a file using one of a variety of methods, often involving a printing press. The printing method to be used affects how the digital file must be prepared. Commercial printing methods usually require very specific file preparation or prepress tasks.

With desktop printing, a digital file is sent to a printer connected to a computer (or its network) and the printed page is available in a short while.

Personal greeting cards are typically printed from a desktop printer.

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