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Script and Handwriting fonts

Examples of Script and Handwriting typefaces. | Type & Fonts | Alpha Index of Full Glossary:

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In writing, script is a type of penmanship or handwriting style including calligraphy, cursive, and manuscript (print) writing.

In typography, script fonts or type mimic historical or modern handwriting styles that look as if written with different styles of writing instruments from calligraphy pens to ballpoint pens. Typical characteristics of script type are: connected or nearly connected flowing letterforms and slanted, rounded characters.

Formal script typefaces are generally neat, flowing, and formal in appearance. Informal script may be messy, playful, and look more like the varied cursive and print handwriting styles of today.

Many formal scripts such as Gravura, Edwardian Script, and Commercial Script, are based on calligraphy, copperplate script, English round hand, and Spencerian handwriting of the 18th Century.

In addition to the cursive and manuscript styles of today, other script styles include Blackletter, Uncial, Insular Script, and Carolingian. They are based on handwriting styles from the around the 3rd through the 17th centuries.

In the 18th century almost everything was written in a cursive script, including business letters. Today, script fonts are best suited for greeting cards, wedding invitations, initial caps, and other documents where they are used in moderation. Script faces look best when they are paired with non-script fonts, not used in all caps, and matched to the overall tone of the document.

Also Known As: cursive | handwriting | handwritten | connected script
Bickham Script, Nuptial Script, and Shelley Allegro are examples of formal scripts. Comic Sans, Mistral, Giddyup, and Tekton demonstrate a wide range of informal handwritten script type.
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