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Page Layout

Arranging things on the page


Page Layout in PageMaker

A page layout created in a desktop publishing or page layout application. | Design & Layout Terms | Software Terms | Alpha Index to Full Dictionary:

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Page layout using Scribus desktop publishing software

Dan Fink Page Layout and How To Tab in PagePlus X2

Screenshot from Serif PagePlus X2 - Page Layout and How To Tab

Serif, Inc.

Page layout is the process of placing and arranging and rearranging text (text composition) and graphics on the page to produce documents such as newsletters, brochures, books, etc. 

Page layout also refers to the actual document page and its composition. The primary software programs for desktop publishing are called page layout applications or page layout software. For Web design, designers use software specifically for creating Web pages or use page layout software that can covert layouts to the proper format for online use.

Desktop publishing is page layout. Designers do page layout by arranging text and images on the page to create an attractive and effective page layout.

Also Known As: page design | page composition | document design | desktop publishing | layout

Examples: Before designers had desktop publishing software, page layout was often done by pasting blocks of typed or typeset text and images cut from special clip art books onto sheets of paper.

Adobe PageMaker was the first desktop publishing or page layout program that made it easy to arrange and rearrange text and graphics on screen — no more scissors or messy glue.

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