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placeholder text and software greeking

Greeked text two ways: Placeholder text (headline) and greeking of body text by the software. | Layout & Design | Software | Alpha Index to Full Dictionary:

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In page layout greeking is used to check layout and overall appearance without the distraction of the actual text. There are two types of greeking:

  1. Unreadable characters that simulate actual text used to speed screen display of the page layout
  2. Nonsense text (such as Lorem Ipsum) used as a placeholder for actual text.
Also Known As: greek | greeked text | jabberwocky text | lorem ipsum | dummy text | placeholder text
"The illustration on this page shows both definitions for greeking. The headline shows the Lorem ipsum placeholder text set in the font to be used for the actual headline. The software has greeked the smaller body text so that when zoomed out the designer gets an overall sense of the layout without waiting for the screen to render the actual font characters."

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