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Jacci Howard Bear

    9-Day Make a Greeting Card Class

    Skill Level: Beginner or Non-designer

    This Make a Greeting Card class teaches some of the basics of desktop publishing while completing a simple project. Learn how to make a greeting card. Along the way we'll discuss specific desktop publishing and design principles.

    Three Ways to Learn How to Make a Greeting Card
    You can get daily or weekly lessons by email or simply visit the online version at your leisure. Take it slow with the weekly version of the Make a Greeting Card class - one lesson per week. Take it online whenever you want with the online version of the Create a Greeting Card Class. To sign up for the 9-day email version, keep reading.

    Who Should Enroll?
    Non-designers and new designers can benefit from the lessons presented in the Make a Greeting Card class. Those with more experience but no formal training in graphic design may also find the concepts covered in these lessons of value.

    How Long Will It Take?
    You'll receive a daily email newsletter for 9 days - then the mailings will stop. You may do the lessons and assignments as they arrive or at your own pace.

    What Does the Class Cover?
    Each lesson is presented in 3 parts: Definitions, Instruction, Assignment. Most lessons also contain bonus study material or extra assignments to further reinforce that lesson.

    I originally used Microsoft Publisher 98 to make a greeting card for these lessons, but you can adapt all lessons to the desktop publishing or greeting card software program of your choice. The focus of the Make a Greeting Card class is on the design and layout of a greeting card along with font and image selection, no matter what software is ultimately used. This is a self-paced, ungraded course with 9 lessons covering:

    1. Software
    2. Project Selection
    3. Document Setup
    4. Graphics Selection
    5. Graphics Editing
    6. Font Selection
    7. Layout
    8. Consistency
    9. Finish

    How Do I Enroll?
    Sign up below and your first 9-Day Make a Greeting Card lesson on Software will arrive shortly - if it doesn't, see the "Don't Miss an Issue" section. When the last newsletter arrives you are automatically unsubscribed - no action required on your part. To unsubscribe earlier use the link at the end of one of the newsletters.

    Don't Miss an Issue
    Be sure to read the notes on making sure the newsletters can get past any spam-blocking measures you or your ISP have in place (below signup form). It's up to you. If your inbox is full, you won't receive delivery. If you use spam-blocking software that requires the sender to fill in a form, you won't receive delivery. You'll need to make sure that this newsletter is marked as "non-spam" or "friend" in whatever blocking software you or your ISP uses. If one does get lost go here: Lost Make a Greeting Card Lessons to retrieve any missing emails.

    Doublecheck your email address! Most of the bounces I receive are from subscribers making typos on their email addresses - transposing letters, leaving out part of the address, or accidently adding extra characters.

    * required

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