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Jacci Howard Bear

Draw a Christmas Tree

By November 25, 2013

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We'll be done with Thanksgiving by the end of the week (well, the leftovers may linger longer). So of course we must turn our attention to Christmas. Let's start with a tree.

Deck out a realistic, modern, or cartoon Christmas tree to illustrate a newsletter, to use as part of a holiday card, or to turn into a graphic for your Web site. These tutorials show you step-by-step how to create all kinds of Christmas trees.

Christmas Tree
Christmas Tree
© J. Bear

Want to create a Christmas Tree similar to the one shown above? I drew the basic tree in Windows Paint 7 (Yes, really).  The tree was drawn/painted in several shades of green using primarily the Airbrush and Crayon brushes plus a bunch of pencil lines. The garland was drawn first with the curved line tool and then embellished a bit with the Calligraphy brushes. Then I drew on some round ornaments with the circle shape tool and used the 4-point star shape tool to add the star on top and to add tiny little red, yellow, and blue lights. The resulting Christmas tree was decent enough but crude.

I then opened the Paint image in the free PhotoScape software. Although I tweaked it with a few random adjustments (very few), the main look was achieved with the filter "Pictorialization > Cartoon". Not bad for a quicky job using free software. For an even faster, easier tree drawing, see my tutorial on drawing a Christmas tree in a Paint program (also linked above).

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November 23, 2009 at 7:29 am
(1) Bob says:

Happy Xmas Jacci – in the spirit of giving i am going to offer the comment that your tree looks more like a greengage gelly with very meanly applied cream – and lots of nice English words to add to your collection as well. Go well, and keep up the good work, you are appreciated, Bob

November 23, 2009 at 3:15 pm
(2) jacci says:

Hi Bob. I can honestly say that prior to your comment I’d never heard of a greengage and certainly didn’t think it was term used here in Texas. Definitely had to google that one. Oddly, I found page here on About.com with an O. Henry story that mentions greengages. The Higher Abdication.

What makes it kinda weird is that last night I was helping my daughter find some of her archived writing samples (for a school project) and one of them was about O. Henry — who used to live here in Austin — and the story with the greengage mention was set here in Texas. Struck me as funny.

OK, now you’ve gone and made me think of food!

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