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The Corel Upgrade Everyone Wants But Isn't Getting

By October 17, 2012

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While longtime PrintMaster users lament the recent upgrades of their favorite consumer desktop publishing software, longtime users of Corel Ventura wait and hope that maybe, someday soon, Corel will see fit to upgrade their favorite high-end software.  Some of the most recent comments to "Anyone Still Using Corel Ventura?" include:

"I've been with Ventura since it was first released and my College wouldn't upgrade my XT PC to AT to use Pagemaker. I've formatted about 120 books with it in a part hobby business and moved through to CV-8. Haven't upgraded to Windows 7 because Corel has abandoned it and CV-10 too costly. Shame on them, I say! Great program." -- Dave

"I have been using it since version 1.1. It came in a huge box and it was not cheap. Did newsletter for a local church and they bought it for me. Have upgraded to every version and am using the current .. well, not so current one." -- Wtin

Wtin also posted at CorelBlogs asking about a Ventura upgrade and received this response from Nick Davies, a Senior VP with Corel: "At this stage, we haven't made any announcements regarding future versions of Ventura. We continue to review our product portfolio, market conditions and, of course, user requirements on a regular basis to drive our decisions about product development."

As a sidenote, the particular thread in which Mr. Davies responded about Ventura is about Corel going the subscription route with CorelDRAW, a move already made by Adobe and Microsoft. It's one way to deal with neverending upgrades (for other software, not yet for Ventura!).  Not everyone is happy about it but About.com Graphics Software Guide Sue Chastain writes, "Out of all the subscription software models I have seen, I like Corel's model the best."

Ventura users, if Corel were to finally rescue Ventura and pull it away from the edge of the cliff, would you also welcome a subscription / cloud-based option? What kind of upgrades would you want to see?

January 23, 2014 at 12:23 am
(1) Sunil Gokhale says:

I have installed Corel Ventura 10 with Win 8 32 bit with the usual mfc42.dll workaround and I find that it works well. it even records scripts which I couldn’t get it to do under Win 7. All scripts and extended characters are also displayed under Options. My own scripts also can be seen in Options with their names and I can assign shortcut to the scripts which I couldn’t do in Win 7. Overall I find that CV 10 works better in Win 8 than Win 7. Recording scripts just didn’t work in Win 8 64 bit :( .

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