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Recognition, Bleeding Desktops, and Disagreements

By July 31, 2012

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JulyBefore I recount what was new on the site this month, I want to point out a little something that you probably didn't notice but, hey, that's OK. Over in the left column of the home page I've had a Word of the Day running for the past few months, pulling from my desktop publishing glossary. It was truly random in May and June. In July I did a theme. I didn't expect anyone to catch it. It was mostly just for me,  secret fun. Here is the word of the day from July 1st through 31st. Do you see the theme?

  • Jumpline | Uppercase | Lorem ipsum | Yellow
  • Index Paper | Nameplate | Desktop publisher | Em | Prime | Eye | Newsprint | Dash | Ear | NA sheet sizes | Calendar | En
  • Flaws | In-house | Running headline | Embossing | Writing paper | Onionskin paper | Repetition | Knockout | Signature
  • Stat | Uncoated paper | Magenta | Manifold paper | Elements of design | Ream weight

Celebrate Your Accomplishments! Much of the new content this month centered around creating award certificates. I've got just about everything you need including a run-down of all the parts of a certificate, wording, fonts, paper, templates, and tutorials for pulling it all together in Illustrator and Microsoft Word.

Bleeding From The Desktop
How to Achieve Full Bleed Printing From a Desktop Printer offers three options for printing to the edge of a sheet of paper, something that's not always easy with most printers. Have you gotten your printer to tricks it wasn't necessarily designed to do? Tell us about those feats or any printing failures of the "oops, I shouldn't have tried that" variety. Share your creative use of a desktop printer stories.

Set your mouse free: Learning to Use a Graphics Tablet and Pen.

You're Not The Best Designer In The World, So What
Everyday Design vs. Cutting Edge says it's OK to be ordinary (as long as you're good and not into stuff like ransom note design).

Balldrop, my new type design experiment is just a little something I've been working on that I decided to share. It's a work in progress.

So, You Wanna Disagree With Me
Even when I know I'm right, you know I'm probably wrong. We'll just have to agree to disagree. Or, maybe one of us will come around to a new way of thinking. It happens. Agreement is good too. Tell us what you think, share what you know on one of these topics.

  • In your opinion, how important is writing to a designer and how do you improve your writing? Write About It
  • By choice or by circumstances beyond your control, if you use Microsoft Word to do desktop publishing, how do you do it? Share your tips, hints, or suggestions.

And, if those subjects are too controversial or not interesting enough for you, here are more ways to talk about what you know and tell us what you think on software, business, typography, and plenty of other topics.

Improve Your Vocabulary

Coming in August... We're gearing up for Back to School and Halloween. Scaring you into the classroom? Well, maybe not. Stay tuned for more tutorials, templates, and free fonts.

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