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Layout and Printing Issues

By June 30, 2012

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Before we get into the new content on the site this month (and there's a lot), I want to point out some note-worthy posts from the forum.

Almost a year ago proSBZ lamented that the "Future of design looks bleak." If you're feeling that way, perhaps this discussion that focuses primarily on eBooks and Web design may encourage you. In May a new post says, in part, "Although technology empowers more readers and users to personalize their learning experience, the internet still need good designers to enforce proper design layout and typography to make sure the sites we create serve its purpose well." Have a different opinion? Share.

Earlier this month there was a request for identification of a script font that caught my eye. I agreed with member JArle about what the font is and I must say, it's quite beautiful. Check it out for yourself.

Now, let's break down what's new and what's updated in the month of June by topic, in alphabetical order:

Bleeds and Booklets
In part because of an oversight while doing a tutorial a few days earlier, I put together a tutorial on setting up bleeds in Microsoft Publisher. And while they may or may not have bleeds, there are several design considerations for booklets you'll need to know about including creep, imposition, and saddle-stitching.

Business Card Blueprints and Baby Announcements
In addition to updating this big list of Free Business Card Templates I did some Microsoft Publisher tutorials with a business card (& baby) theme accompanied by templates to download.

Business Matters
What's your opinion on crowdsourcing, especially for design services? Is it something you do or something you avoid? I've addressed what crowdsourcing means and the pros and cons and there's a poll awaiting your vote. When I posted about this in the forum, member PCCHDSue tells us just where she stands (against, very much so) and adds this quotable comment: "As much as it saddens me, I can no longer recommend the profession I love to others partially because of what crowdsourcing has done to our livelihood." Read her full post.

Better Use of Color and Ink
There's more to selecting colors than just RGB and CMYK. This month we introduced you to HSV as a color model and the many shades of black ink you may encounter or need to use. And when printing many layers of ink, total ink coverage can become a concern.

Basic Page Layout
In addition to those tips on booklets I mentioned, I've got some tips for you on designing calendars where you'll probably find columns. And when composing columns of text, watch out for those widows and orphans. And if you're thinking about doing letterpress printing, heed these design tips for letterpress.

And there's more!


graduation templateThere were more than just business card templates added or updated this month. Some of these are templates I created. Some are links to other sites with great templates.


This month, miscellaneous is more than just a catch-all term. It's where to look for more glossary terms, clip art, and tutorials I haven't already mentioned that you may have missed.

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