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More on Writing, QR Codes, Terms to Know, and Forum Talk

By January 31, 2012

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Did you make any desktop publishing resolutions for 2012? If I may make a suggestion (resolutions work any time of year) how about brushing up on your writing skills, creating some cool new personal projects with QR codes, and expanding your desktop publishing vocabulary. The topics we covered this month will get you off to a good start.

Desktop Publishing Glossary Terms Added or Expanded This Month:
Some of these terms, such as brochure or contrast aren't necessarily unfamiliar words but you may pick up some new ideas from the mini-tutorials that make up most of these glossary pages.

Our readers continued to sound off about PrintMaster and The Print Shop and how the newest versions don't live up to their expectations for Broderbund products. "User Unfriendly," "Childlike," and "Little to Like" are some of the descriptions used. The only thing keeping the average ratings above 1 star (out of 5) are the better ratings from the older versions of each program (before 2.0 or 2011).

What's Happening In the Forum this Month:
I've written before about printing the color white but reader mykstor poses a question about an Epson printer model that offers a white ink cartridge and wonders if there might be a way to make that cartridge work in other older Epson models. Boomwater needs some font id help. I ran it through WhatTheFont using my iPhone app and it appears to be Klavika Basic-Bold. Do you agree? PrincessSacl has a chicken or the egg question asking "What comes first, the creative brief or the contract?" Ladychrisie has posted her makeover of our business brochure for critique. There are several replies. Do you agree or have something to add?

More Things I Blogged About in January:

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