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Rainbow Colors

By July 6, 2011

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We're in the middle of a drought and oppressively hot weather in my neck of the woods. In honor of the rainbow  -- it's been too long since I've seen one -- let's look at Roy G. Biv. That may ring a bell with some of you. It's sometimes used in school to help kids remember the seven colors of the rainbow in order. Use rainbow colors to heat up or cool down your desktop publishing projects.

Color Meanings

Can you pick the 7 traditional rainbow colors from this stack of colors?

Red is the hottest of the warm colors. If a bright red is too overwhelming, consider crimson or an orange-red like vermilion

Orange can range from hot to warm and it can be summer fruit (oranges and grapefruit) or autumn veggies (pumpkins).

Yellow is sunshine. Although we often color the sun in shades of yellow, yellow is visually less hot than red or orange.

Green can lean to the warm of yellow-green chartreuse or sway over to the green-blue side of turquoise.

Blue comes in a variety of cool, calming shades.

Indigo is the rainbow bridge between blue and purply violet. In the rainbow it's more purple than the indigo blue of your denim jeans.

Violet is a medium purple in the rainbow but there are actually a range of colors called violet with some more pink and others with a bit more blue. Pick the violet that speaks to you.

July 7, 2011 at 7:38 am
(1) John Boyle says:

Richard of York gave battle in vain.

July 7, 2011 at 11:30 am
(2) jacci says:

@John B: I like that one!

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